Pen Plotter

DIY Robot Draw Bot Robotic Homemade Pen Plotter Drawing Art Engraving Arduino

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The Project:
Perhaps you have never been gifted at drawing, or you don’t have the time to do it yourself, so why not let a simple x-y plotter draw for you. This simple two axis device can accurately moves a pen to draw out anything.
The Device:
The x-y plotter has a two axis control and a special mechanism to raise and lower the pen. The plotter has a hole in its base where the pen goes through. It was designed to print on both paper or any surface such as a wall; simply place the plotter against the surface and the pen will draw away through the hole. Each axis is powered using a single stepper motor and belt. Pen control is achieved using a servo. All electronics are controlled by an Arduino and powered by a 12 volt wall adaptor.

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