3D Printer

Homemade 3D Printer DIY all part by my 3D Printer Machine

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Unique Features:
No Printed Parts.
Easy Assembling.
High Performance.
2080 Frames.
Extruded DIY
Technical Specifications:
Layer resolution of 0.2 mm
MAX Printing Speed: 150 mm/s.
Build size: 220X 220 X 200mm.
Full Metal Bowden long distance Extruder (Included).
Material type: PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA, Nylon and Flexible Filaments (With Pro Metal Extruder).
Material specifications 1.75mm in diameter.
Positioning accuracy: Z 0.004mm, XY 0.012mm.
Nozzle diameter: 0.2mm (customized 0.3mm/0.1mm).
Recommended extruder temperature: 200°C (the maximum can be set to 220°C).
None Heating plate temperature:
Best ambient temperature: ?25°C.
Power requirements: 220V, 250W, 50Hz, 0.89A.
Connection: SD card or USB.
The file print format: STL,G-Code.
Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac.

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