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Free stl DIY Linear Motion Guide 2 Rail CNC Homemade 3D Printer Laser Router Drill Milling

Alt image

Alt image

Linear system moulde duration of travel: 200mm ( or 240 mm ) High precision heavy load resistance
Repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.02mm
Printable parts for a linear motion guide with 2 IKO LWL 15 linear rail length 280mm and mini 4 IKO LWL 15 ( or 2 ) linear block carriage.
Mounts on a standard aluminium 20 x 80mm profile 340 mm length
Aluminum profile 20 x 80mm length 400mm (2.2mm thickness)
Belt: GT2 800 (400 teeth)
1 Pulley GT2 20 teeth 5 mm hole and 1 Pulley GT2 20 teeth 8 mm hole
Stepper motor NEMA17 18mm shaft
Bearing ZZMR83 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 8mm OD 3mm Bore Diameter 5 pcs
This Free stl file thing is optimized to be printed with PLA. If you use ABS (or outher shrinkable filament) than set scale to compensate the shrinkage, or use shrinkage compensation function

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