3D Printer

3D Printer Machine for DIY or Homemade by my hand

3D printers machine are booming. In 2005 there are begin and 10 years later there are million. There are currently million of people wanting to start their own build waiting for the right moment to get started.

To day this project that it is very cheap and easy for do it by my hand. It’s an open-source project meaning that all the information and design plans you’ll need are available free for all. Building a 3D printer yourself is a huge undertaking. You can build it for less than $300 but months and all parts of the printer very lot can buy it online easy

Building a 3D printer is very hands-on and will require all your technical skills. There isn’t really any void that needs to be filled since there are enough people and good information online to answer your questions and help you out. Still there hasn’t yet appeared one book that guides you through building your own 3D printer.

this image 1 shows a fully assembled working home-built 3D printer. It is called RepRap 3D printer and i costs about $300 in parts. You can buy this printer as a kit but then you will pay at least double this price. Many people source the individual parts themselves and once they receive them get started on their build

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